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Media Trends Monday: Podcasting Report

Welcome back to Media Trends Monday, a series where we examine trends we’re seeing in today’s media landscape and how they may affect your business and marketing efforts.   Podcasts are an enticing medium for advertisers, as they have exploded in…

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Media Trends Monday: Nielsen Controversy

Key Points Nielsen’s National Ratings Accreditation Suspended by Media Rating Council The Media Rating Council has suspended backing for Nielsen’s TV ratings after it was proven that the research firm undercounted viewers from earlier this year. Why is this happening?…

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Stay Home Sign

Finding a balance during uncertain times

Social distancing is our new normal. Working remotely. Washing our hands. Keeping a six-foot distance from others. Elbow bumps. Isolation. This is jarring for all of us and collectively we are adjusting on the fly and rallying behind a common…

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Children's Toys

Don’t forget your consumer

No one likes advertising. My kids tell me this every day, despite what Dad does to earn a living. They complain constantly about how commercials are interrupting their favorite shows and lament not being able to fast forward live TV.…

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