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CCF 40

CCF: 40 Years of Independence

What’s so great about independence? This month, CCF celebrates 40 years of being an independently-owned ad agency. It may sound a little self-serving, but it got us thinking about the concept of independence in this day and age–particularly when it…

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Children's Toys

Don’t forget your consumer

No one likes advertising. My kids tell me this every day, despite what Dad does to earn a living. They complain constantly about how commercials are interrupting their favorite shows and lament not being able to fast forward live TV.…

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Health and Wellness Segmentation

Create less friction and gain more traction

In my last post I talked about the one-two punch for driving brand growth: Innovate + Innovate. What I forgot to include was reducing friction. Innovation keeps consumers curious and wanting to participate in what’s next. Less friction increases traction…

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Superhero vegetables

The One-Two Punch for Driving Brand Growth

Innovate + Innovate. I’ve long said that the lifeblood for brand growth is new product development. It’s something that’s easy to say yet hard to do. Why? Because we too often get tied up in driving today’s business. Which is,…

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Bags of Farmhouse Culture snacks

Is fermentation the next Greek yogurt?

  According to a recent article in The Economist, fermentation is on the rise, both in terms of back-to-basics home canning and jarring, as well as manufactured foods. Fermented foods are loaded with probiotics, which makes me wonder: Are fermented…

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