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All Fun and Gaming Headline with image of a laptop keyboard and mouse

Media Trends Monday: All Fun and Gaming

This week’s key points: The gaming industry is the place to be for marketers with unique opportunities Twitch has an ever-rising presence in the digital age More and more brands are getting “in” the game In 1972, Atari changed the…

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LinkedInfluencers Graphic

Media Trends Monday: LinkedInfluencers

This week’s key points: The difference between Thought Leaders and LinkedInfluencers The newest trend on LinkedIn may saturate the platform for B2B companies Authenticity is goal number one in collaboration with LinkedInfluencers Remember when LinkedIn wasn’t filled with endless common…

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Learning From Social Header

Media Trends Monday: Learning From Social

This week’s key points: Social listening: what is it? And how can you use it to help develop your brand? Social media is becoming a product research tool for consumers  Why personalizing experiences for your customers is important  Besides providing…

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Metaverse Graphic

Media Trends Monday: Enter the Metaverse

This week’s key points: The Metaverse is here and it’s here to stay The Metaverse is a broad term used to describe VR, AR, and other virtual environments Big tech companies are rushing to stake their claims (See: Facebook’s name…

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TikTok Phone

Media Trends Monday: TikTok Primer

This week’s key points TikTok has now surpassed YouTube in daily time spent on the platform The largest demographic on TikTok is 18-24 year olds (42%) We’re on TikTok, and we’re keeping up-to-date so we can help your organization take advantage…

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