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Media Trends Monday: Best Practices on Meta’s Platforms

This week’s key points:
  • We take a deep dive into the features of Meta’s platforms
  • Learn ways you can diversify your social media content to reach more people
  • How important is connecting with consumers for boosting brand loyalty?

Remember the Metaverse and Facebook’s name change to Meta? Although the name has changed, the features available on Facebook and Instagram remain the same. With continuous updates, these features allow for fresh content opportunities. Still, they’re often overlooked as traditional paid and organic in-feed posts remain the standard for brand promotion. 

Today, we’re going to explore new ways to post and how to better connect with new audiences on these platforms. Meta’s platforms continue to dominate social media with Facebook reaching 1.93 billion daily global users and Instagram hitting 1.3 million daily global users in 2021. With a large pool of users, it’s easy to get lost in the mix, but through diversifying your content tactics, you can reach new audiences more effectively. 

Best Practices on Meta's Platforms
More ways to post

Meta’s features allow for creative ways to spread awareness and engage with your audience. From Stories to Reels, the more diversified your content, the more reach you can earn across each platform. Let’s dive into the different ways you can expand your content on Meta’s platforms.


Facebook and Instagram Stories can be a great way to spread awareness and continue the drive of your campaign. Through Stories, you can add a direct link, tag collaborators, or highlight specific pieces of content that may get buried within a general post. The Stories feature enables your brand to stay at the forefront of minds as posts may get buried within the feed. 


Coinciding with the explosive growth of TikTok, video content across all platforms has been pushed to the forefront. With video, you can add dimension to your content and stand out against your competitors. Instagram understands the importance of video content and they highlight how “video makes it even easier to tell your brand’s story, connect with your audience, and reach more people.” And with Reels and IGTV on Instagram, you can produce, or upload previously made video content, with ease.

Live streams 

Going live is a great way to connect directly with your audience and build community around your brand. Live streaming events and activities is a great way to implement this connection and Meta even provides tips and ideas for live streaming. You can also use this feature to answer questions from your consumers in real time.

Connecting with your consumers

One of the biggest benefits of social media is the ability to better understand your consumer through social listening. Consumers are now expecting their questions and concerns to be resolved through social media. You will want to remain present on your social platforms in order to connect with consumers in real time. 

You can connect with your consumers through resharing their content on your social pages. Someone shared a great photo at your location? Repost that and add some encouraging commentary to interact with your audience. 

Interactive content

Engaging with your audience comes in many forms – make it fun and authentic. For example, a recent Instagram trend involves bingo cards. Your brand can create brand-specific bingo cards that allow followers to screenshot and fill out, which can then be reshared through their own stories. This is a great way to interact uniquely with consumers and organically spread awareness. 

The Stickers feature for Stories is another creative way to interact with consumers:

  • Incorporate the newest “Add Yours” sticker to create a prompt for your followers to respond
  • Use polls to gain insight from your followers and power users 
  • Include FAQ submission boxes and amplify your response through text or video

The options are endless when it comes to interactive content, which demonstrates the importance of interacting with your consumers to grow awareness and display personality behind your brand.

Meta’s platforms may not be the newest in the game, but they continue to bring in millions of active users and updates to their platforms. As social media features change and grow, it’s important for your brand to grow alongside these features to produce unique and engaging content for your consumers. 

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Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you for the next installment of Media Trends Monday! Have a great week.

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