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Wings Credit Union

Inspiring people to expect more out of their financial institution.

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Wings Credit Union logo SVG

Empowering people to own their money.

Credit unions have existed since the 1800s, and yet most people still don’t really understand the difference between a traditional bank and a place like Wings Credit Union. 

It all comes down to one simple word: Ownership. 

In relaunching the Wings brand, we found an opportunity to empower people early in their financial journey (18-27 year olds) to expect more out of their primary financial institution. Because at a bank, you’re a customer. At Wings, you’re an owner.

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What mattered?

Educating Adult Gen Z on the difference of Wings Credit Union over traditional banks.

The insight

At a bank, profits are given to shareholders. At Wings, profits are reinvested in the financial health and experience of its member-owners.

The change

Using empowerment and education, we’re shifting viewpoints of what owning your money really means.

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Woman dancing in crosswalk
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Billboard for Wings Credit Union that says, "It's time to own your money." on the left in white text on a blue background and the Wings logo on a white background.
Collection of different 300px by 250px banner ads from the campaign.

A new look for a forward thinking brand.


Along with the new brand launch, it was also time for Wings’ visual identity to better reflect the strong, bold modern financial institution that they are today. We aimed to ensure the new logo was fresh while also paying homage to familiar elements that have shaped the brand throughout the years.

Comparison of former Wings Financial Credit Union logo on left with the new Wings Credit Union on the right.
Blue text on screen says, "The Look of Wings is evolving."


Reminding people that food doesn’t come from a grocery store.

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