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Minnesota Department of Health

Changing vaccine resistant
minds simply by giving them
permission to.

Refocusing the COVID-19 vaccine debate on
individual choice.

For so many people who decided early on to be “against” the COVID-19 vaccine, there seemed to be no wiggle room. But what we found through research was that a lot of people were open to reconsidering it. They were just tired of being shamed and lectured and told they’re wrong or stupid – and therefore continued to dig their heels in.

What mattered?

Minnesota’s Covid vaccination rates began to plateau, making it increasingly crucial to break through to those previously resistant to considering it.

The insight

Taking in new information and changing your mind doesn’t make you wrong or weak. It’s a sign of intelligence.

The change

By presenting new information with empathy, and showcasing real stories of former vaccine resistors – people began to feel empowered to reconsider COVID-19 vaccines on their own terms.


In the two months after the campaign launched, vaccine doses administered
nearly tripled – finally pushing Minnesota across the 70% threshold.


Educating college students on where to go for care.

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