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Minnesota Department of Health

Using art’s healing nature to inspire annual arm jabs.

Art unites and heals.

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we were reminded that other illnesses still existed. So to encourage flu shots for the 2020 winter season – we partnered with 14 local artists to spread one singular message: Art heals.

What mattered?

While COVID-19 spread, encouraging flu shots became even more crucial to help alleviate doctors and hospitals.

The insight

Everyone has different styles. But the healing nature of art unifies us all.

The change

Artists from all over the state donated their work to help turn a boring old flu shot into a unifying inspirational way to protect ourselves and each other.

Giving flu shots a communal sense of purpose.

On a shoestring budget, Band Together brought flu shots top-of-mind across the state and helped drive thousands of conversions. It continues to be the Health Department’s yearly campaign, now evolving to include COVID-19 boosters as well.


Educating college students on where to go for care.

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