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Helping more Minnesotans than ever get health coverage.

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MNsure exists for all of us.

Our partnership with MNsure began in 2014. At the time, the perception of the brand was just “It’s Obamacare.” or “It’s not for me.” Each year, we have refined their positioning, adjusting as perceptions evolve, but always reinforcing that they are a state health exchange for all Minnesotans to shop and compare insurance plans. This has resulted in a 25% average increase in enrollment year-over-year.

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2020 Open Enrollment Campaign

What mattered?

Minnesotans worried that they weren’t always finding the best health insurance options and receiving all the possible tax incentives they may have coming.

The insight

When it comes to insurance, people want assurance.

The change

Our “Be sure with MNsure” campaign reframed Minnesotans’ perception of what MNsure provides: Assurance they’ve picked the right health plan for them, and reminded people that MNsure is the only place to get that assurance.

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Connecting Minnesotans needing health insurance to MNsure.

1.2 Million Web Sessions
54% Received Tax Credits Through MNsure


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