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Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Fulfilling conservation and preservation through fun.

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Having fun and doing good aren’t mutually exclusive.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is more than just a zoo on a mountain. As a leader in conservation, captive breeding and animal care – their mission is to connect people with wildlife and wild places through experiences that inspire action. They began a partnership with CCF in 2017 to raise awareness of this important purpose while increasing attendance.

Two Lions Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
What mattered?

Fueling awareness of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s mission and ensuring guests understood what their admission is funding.

The insight

People like to make a difference and support brands with a larger purpose, especially when the barrier is low.

The change

People don’t always necessarily associate “Zoo” with “Nature.” But after 3 years of partnership between CCF and Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the people of Colorado Springs have been reminded that they are a proud home to one of the country’s most vocal ambassadors for the natural world.

Armadillo Running
Feeding an Elephant
Mountain Goat on Roof
Otter at Zoo
Kids with Turtle
Tiger on Rocks
Giraffes with Tourist
Goat on Platform
Love for the Natural World

Igniting passion for our natural world.

The Fun+ and Reconnect with Nature campaigns changed perceptions on what a visit to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo really means, all while driving year-over-year increases in attendance.


Inspiring people to expect more out of their financial institution.

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