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Right Message, Right Moment: Delivering a COVID Vaccine Campaign to Hennepin County Residents

Hennepin County Covid Vaccine CampaignAfter a hard year under the pandemic, there was what seemed to finally be a light at the end of the tunnel with the development of the COVID vaccine. However, there were of course questions and concerns from the public. 

This past year and a half we have partnered with Hennepin County and KNOCK to deliver messaging across the county, urging everyone to “Take Care” of one another by wearing masks and staying home. And with the roll out of the vaccine, we partnered up again in March 2021 to spread vaccine awareness. Our goal was to direct and encourage Hennepin County residents to “not miss” their chance to get the vaccine. With concerns over engaging all audiences within Hennepin County, we understood the importance of reaching communities that have been underserved and 

disproportionately harmed by COVID. In alignment with Hennepin County and KNOCK, CCF made it a priority to conduct preliminary research on how to reach BIPOC audiences as well as partner with local diverse publishers in the Hennepin County area. The creative and media plans were transcreated; many local community leaders provided input in the making and sharing of vaccine messages. Being able to collaborate on this campaign led to a more inclusive messaging, ensuring that all voices could be heard. 

In addition to mass media properties, CCF worked with 23 priority partners, ie. those who reach and are trusted by BIPOC individuals, to deliver TV, radio, print and digital media. Our creative partner, KNOCK, worked with trusted messengers (local leaders that have influence in their communities) to ensure that in-language copy and audience relevant imagery were used. As a result, we saw an estimated 4.1M targeted impressions within the BIPOC community.

On top of working with priority populations, we covered mass messaging across out-of-home tactics using billboards, buses, bus shelters and inside the skyways. With that, we delivered an estimated 23M out-of-home impressions. We also worked with digital mass messaging, displaying static and video ads across programmatic display, pre-roll and social media. On the digital side, we reached 30.8M impressions. In total, we reached 55.3 million impressions, leading to 44 thousand sessions initiated on the landing page, and have estimated that we have reached 65% of the population with a 68x average frequency throughout the entire campaign.

Hennepin County Covid Campaign Media Stats

Then, OOH and digital heavy-ups were geographically implemented in zip codes with key priority audiences, leading to a majority of clicks coming from those areas to the Hennepin County landing page. We had an incremental media budget add

ed midway through the campaign as well. During this time, Hennepin County was promoting $50 gift cards to whomever was getting vaccinated. We shared that message across digital outlets with some emphasis on the priority zip codes, resulting in a spike in clicks to the Hennepin County landing page.

Reflecting back on this project, we wanted to see what the turnout was for those vaccinated in Hennepin County. We conducted additional research from, and found that Hennepin County is currently 7% more likely to be vaccinated than the entire state. We at CCF are grateful to have been part of this campaign with Hennepin County and KNOCK, and looking forward, we will continue to strive to inspire change that matters in the realm of public health. 

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Three Ways to Maintain Audience-First Targeting in a Post-Cookie Era

Using creative to capture hearts, create fans and drive change

Making your brand part of your consumer’s busy life + life goals

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