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Educating college students on where to go for care.

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Helping simplify a complicated category.

Since 2017, we’ve created hundreds of pieces of communication for UnitedHealthcare, including their Student Resources division. Every year, we create work that helps people better understand health care and learn the best and most cost-efficient ways to get care.

Sick Characters

UnitedHealthcare Student Resources

What mattered?

The Student Resources group was experiencing a high number of student claims involving ER misuse. New to the health care system, students don’t always realize there are multiple options for receiving care.

The insight

University students are on their own for the first time, and when they’re sick they assume the ER is their best option.

The change

To grab students’ attention, CCF used humor and empathetic messages to help guide them when trying to figure out where they should go to get care.

UHC Student Resource Posters
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Guiding students to the most appropriate place to get care.

17% Reduction in ER Visits
8,000 New Site Visits
154% Increase in Geo-Fencing and Retargeting

Connecting small business owners to health plans that fit.

From digital-focused, full campaigns to product fliers, landing pages, client-retention pitch videos, high-impact direct mail, brochures, emails and native ads, we work closely with regional teams to deliver work that gets noticed.

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Helping smokers quit.

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