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Creative Intern

Wanted: Creative brain-tern

At CCF, we’re looking for a brain that comes up with stuff that makes us go – “Yessssss.” But then also has the ability to bring that stuff to life in a way that makes us go – “YESSSSSSS.”

Whether you call yourself a writer, a designer, an art director, an editor, or all of the above – if you’re looking for a place to hit the ground running – we wanna talk to you.

Please note that this internship is virtual for now, and runs through August 2021, but likely to change to in-person during the summer. When working onsite, interns will also be responsible for managing the front desk and other in-office duties as needed.

About CCF, we’re an independently-owned, full-service advertising agency located in Minneapolis that believes in inspiring change that matters. We work with brands to authentically connect with people at the exactly right moment, through insight-driven modern marketing. Every day, we come to work looking to make a difference. We also genuinely enjoy working together. We are inclusive, supportive, friendly and fun. We look for team members who share our values: People. Passion. Independence. Truth.

Please submit your resume and email cover letter to Jim Landry at

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